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This knowledge portal provides a platform for accelerating genetic discoveries in the human brain.

This portal is under active construction. We aim to cover the full spectrum of structural and functional traits from different imaging modalities.

News: we have a newly-built twin website that covers imaging traits for the heart

We have consistently analyzed genetics and neuroimaging data of more than 65,000 subjects from



Publications (2018+)

The pivotal role of the X-chromosome in the genetic architecture of the human brain (2023). medRxiv, 2023.08.30.23294848. LINK

Heart-brain connections: Phenotypic and genetic insights from magnetic resonance images. Science 380, abn6598 (2023). LINK.

Genetic influences on the shape of brain ventricular and subcortical structures (2022). medRxiv, 22279691. LINK

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Genome-wide association analysis of 19,629 individuals identifies variants influencing regional brain volumes and refines their genetic co-architecture with cognitive and mental health traits (2019). Nature Genetics51(11), 1637-1644. LINK

Large-scale GWAS reveals genetic architecture of brain white matter microstructure and genetic overlap with cognitive and mental health traits (n= 17,706) (2019). Molecular Psychiatry, in press. LINK

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We make our research results publicly available by building the following resources.

If you are interested in other summary-level data from our analyses or have any questions or comments, feel free to contact Bingxin Zhao ( or Hongtu Zhu (

1. Imaging Genetics Online Server

We build a GWAS browser using the PheWeb tool to explore GWAS results for massive functional, structural, and diffusion neuroimaging traits. Currently, we support GWAS results of 2104 traits trained in the UKB British cohort (n~34,000), including

  1. 635 ENIGMA-DTI parameters of brain white matter (diffusion MRI)
  2. 376 ANTS regional brain volumes (structural MRI)
  3. 191 ICA-based functional MRI traits (rs-fMRI(ICA))
  4. 309 parcellation-based functional MRI (task/rs-fMRI(Glasser360))
  5. 82 Heart imaging traits (CMR) (More info visit our LINK )
  6. 294 Shape traits
  7. 217 Eye imaging traits

2. GWAS Summary Statistics Data Download

The GWAS summary statistics for 101 ANTS regional brain volumes, 635 ENIGMA-DTI parameters, 191 ICA-based amplitude (75) and functional connectivity traits (116), 309 parcellation-based functional MRI traits, 82 Heart imaging traits, and 382 shape imaging traits have been made available for download. Download the data HERE.


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